My Fitness Revolution Days 356 to 357: Kicking Butt Can Leave You With Sore Legs

On Day 356, I wanted to rest my legs while intensely work my abs and arms.  So I turned to Fitsugar for their Bikini Abs with Teddy Bass and Arm Circuit with Holly Perkins workouts.  This was only the third time that I’ve done the Abs workout and I’m glad to say that I actually kept up with the video.  Of course, I had to take a couple breaks but none of the reps were skipped and I didn’t lose my balance for the Plank with Open Twist exercise.  I’ve never been afraid of crunches but Teddy’s Plank Blast series targets the core so incredibly well that it’s made me a believer in the power of planking.  I mean the exercise and not the act of having your photo taken while lying on random surfaces or items.  That’s another goofy pastime that’s thankfully lost its popularity.  I alternated using 5lb and 8lb hand weights for the Arm Circuit.  It’s been a while since I’ve done this workout and my body seems to have forgotten what’s needed to complete it competently.  Despite some heavy breathing and a couple breaks, I finished it without missing any reps.

Run Until It Hurts

Today I made up my mind to go outside for a run and cover a minimum distance of 5km.  I know the original plan was to make 5km my weekly long run.  However, it occurred to me that I need to run this distance and at this pace more often.  When I did Robert Ullrey’s C25K podcast program, each week had an escalation in distance and time until I could run continuously for twenty-five minutes.  Now I have to do that with the increased pace.  An increase in strength doesn’t guarantee an increase in stamina.  The only way to achieve both is with practice, practice and more practice.  Although the skies were overcast, it was humid with hardly a breeze.  I started out with a brisk walk, and then ran until the half-way point.  A short walk was necessary because I started to feel a bit fatigued.

Women Running on Treadmills

I resumed the run and managed a decent pace until 3.9 km when the skies got very dark.  My middle started to hurt a little bit too.  I finished at home on the treadmill but couldn’t push to run that last kilometre.  Believe me, I tried and settled for a very tough walk.  I held on to the rails and worked hard for those last few minutes.  The treadmill was so much easier than the asphalt streets and concrete sidewalks.  Perhaps I need a new pair of running shoes to cope with that level of punishment.  This pair of Asics has been through a lot, so it’s not that big a surprise.  After passing the 5km mark, I walked at a comparatively slower pace for about five minutes.  It was tough but I’m actually glad that it was because it confirms that I have further to go.  This is amusing because my mirror tells me that all the time.  My final activity was fifteen Walking Lunges (aka Dumbbell Lunges according to Fitocracy) with the pair of 8lb weights.  That was painful icing on the cake but at least there won’t be anything this strenuous on my agenda until next week.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

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