My Fitness Revolution Days 359 to 360: Shoe Shopping and PR Breaking

It’s been a rather eventful two days even though Day 359 was supposed to be focused on rest.  I went to my local Hibbett Sports in search of a new pair of running shoes.  Recently the name Mizuno had been popping up in a very Bad Wolf kind of way.  Okay, maybe not quite so drastic and dramatic; but it definitely felt like a sign when somebody told me about these shoes, and then I read an article mentioning this brand.  Imagine my surprise when there weren’t a pair of Asics in my size but a rather fetching pair of Mizuno Wave Creation 12.  It feels quite different from the Asics Gel-1160 that I currently use.  It’s very light and has a very interesting heel but most of the shoe is mesh which means that my feet will be very cool as I’m tearing up the asphalt.  Boy was I tempted to take them out for a test run that same day; but fought that temptation with a Matcha Green Tea smoothie from Fresh Healthy Café.  However, the feeling didn’t go away forever.

It's never too late to change your life

On Day 360, there was no other workout option except to take those Mizunos on a neighbourhood tour.  I’ve been trying to run a smarter 5k and tried to slowly increase my pace to keep the speed for the last couple of kilometres.  However, I had to stop to tie my shoelace and accommodate for traffic.  I started out a little later than expected and at around the 3.90 km mark it had become a bit too dark for my liking.  So I finished the 5km on the treadmill and quite frankly, the shoes felt better on the street than on the treadmill.  That’s not their fault since I’m still getting used to them.  However, the sole’s curvature made it very easy for me to run and run fast.  I held back a lot and will hopefully find a balance over the next week.  It wasn’t my fastest or prettiest 5k but it was my longest run yet, and at 5.8km in total that’s not too shabby.

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Mizuno Wave Creation 12 and OPI Tomorrow Never Dies nail polish. I know…I’m such a chick.

I followed up with fifteen Walking Lunges and the Yoga Energizer from Holly PerkinsFitness 360 DVD.  There was some stiffness in my calves but some liniment alleviated it.  I haven’t had to use that stuff for quite a while but refused to allow any hindrance to my current progress.  Tomorrow marks a welcome return to weights work and strength training.  Who knows, I may even have time to throw in a little yoga too?  This is the most diverse fitness regime that I’ve ever had.  I got so used to doing the same exercises every single day and they were effective but not like this.  Without an ounce of arrogance or guile, thanks to Almighty God, Holly Perkins, Fitsugar, Jane Fonda and Robert Ullrey I’m getting into the best shape of my entire life.  Oh, and I plan to keep it that way.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Women at health club.