My Fitness Revolution: Holly Perkins’ September Shape Up

My favourite fitness personality Holly Perkins has just one exercise DVD on the market.  It’s called Fitness 360 and this past summer, her Facebook and Twitter followers were invited to participate in a Summer Shape Up.  She prepared a schedule of workouts from July 16th to August 14 based on the DVD, in addition to her two Fitsugar videos, which are available for free online.  I’ve raved about the Fitsugar videos ad nauseam.  Owners of Fitness 360 received daily diet tips to go along with the workout schedule.  At the time, I had started running outside again and was using the online workouts regularly.  Luckily, Holly decided to launch a September Shape Up program just as my own copy of Fitness 360 landed on the doorstep.

Fitness 360 DVD

Fitness 360 has three twenty-minute workouts: Total Tone 360, Cardio 360 and Yoga Energizer.  At least one of these workouts is assigned to each day in September, except for Sundays.  Some days, we’re to indulge in a Cardio workout of our choice, so I’m going to run.  Besides the DVD, our only requirements are proper attire, an exercise mat and hand weights.  Although I’m now the proud owner of a pair of 8lb hand weights, I’ll start out with the 5lb pair.  As I said previously, my regime has worked very well for me thus far.  However, with the recent mystery injuries that caused precious time to be wasted by extra rest days; I need something to beat me into the next level.  This September Shape Up is going to do it.  Not because I want it to happen, but because I’m going to make it happen.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

September Shape Up Print Version

September Shape Up 2012 Schedule