My Fitness Revolution: Time to Bring Out the Big Guns

When I was a kid, my older siblings worked out a lot.  Although I wasn’t a fan of physical exertion myself (irony duly noted), this did instil a great respect in me for fitness.  It was around this time that The Jane Fonda Workout Record appeared in our house.  Yes, the word record was used as a noun there, youngsters.  It was a double LP that you can now find on Amazon for about USD $20.00.  It was released in 1982 and set the benchmark for workout records and videos.  A few years ago, I asked a friend with a friend with a recording studio to bring Jane into the twenty-first century and burn the tracks onto CD’s.  It wasn’t easy and the Beginner level was quite a challenge.  However, Ms. Fonda’s measured speaking voice and the lively but dated music, went a long way to encourage me to stick it out.  Now, I’ve brought Jane into my fitness revolution.  I discovered her workout video on YouTube and needed to watch it because some of her instructions weren’t quite clear.  The album has diagrams but there’s nothing like a video tutorial.  Admittedly, some of the movements are risqué and Miss Jane does “make love to the camera” but they’re effective.  Check out my playlist of the Beginner and Advanced Levels.  Special thanks to Scyha for uploading them.

The Jane Fonda Workout Record Cover

Robert Ullrey’s C25K PodcastsI have a plan and it involves a notion from the P90X system called Muscle Confusion.  I’m going to alternate between Miss Jane’s workout and treadmill sessions, so that my thirty-something year old body won’t get ‘used’ to the routines.  When I can cope with the Beginner level, I’ll go up to the Advanced.  For the treadmill, I have something far more nefarious in mind.  Last year, I discovered a free running podcast whipped me into shape or beat me like a bobolee, take your pick.  Robert Ullrey’s C25K Podcasts are designed to get a couch potato 5K -ready in nine weeks.  I won’t lie; it hurt but almost made me into a proper runner.  Although, I didn’t push to the consequential week’s podcast until I coped well enough.  Hopefully my recently broken-in Asics will handle the pressure.  Despite my reputation as my family’s fitness drill sergeant, I like having one too.  So Miss Jane and Mister Robert will be taking turns in the crease (cricket).  For the past couple weeks, I’ve been a proper cry-baby about my fitness but enough is enough.  It’s time to bring out the big guns.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!