My New Life at My Life at Speed

My Life At Speed LogoIn September 2007, My Life at Speed was born.  It started out as a blog for award-winning Hollywood stunt driver Greg Tracy, who is also a six-time Pikes Peak International Hill Climb winner in the motorcycle division.  He’s currently be best known for his work with Hot Wheels’ Team Green, including the death-defying Double Loop Dare stunt that thrilled crowds at the 2012 X-Games 18 and millions globally via the internet.  The site has since grown to include a team of contributors and ace photographers who cover motorsports, as well as auto/moto-related events in the US and beyond.  As of December 2012, I’ve joined their team as an editorial contributor.  Quite frankly I didn’t say it here first because I was waiting for somebody to pinch me.  There is a fairly unbelievable story behind of how this opportunity came my way.  However, I’ll spare you the details at the risk of sounding boastful.  As a matter of fact, I’m extremely grateful because of the rare chance to develop friendships with people I’ve admired for a long time.  This was surely the Grace of God and I give Him all the glory.  You can find my posts here:  You could also click over there and be treated to the work of fine folks like Greg Tracy (naturally), Chris Nazarenus (ML@S COO), Andy DeVol, Eric Gearheart and Kenneth Stouffer among others.