Orisinal: Morning Sunshine

Orisinal: Morning Sunshine

Many moons ago when TechTV was still on the air, I learned about Orisinal: Morning Sunshine. This award-winning website features sixty-four of the prettiest, whimsical flash games I’ve ever seen. They’re free to play and should be best be explored when you have a lot of time to kill. It was created in 2000 by Ferry Halim, a developer based in Clovis, California. I’m pleased to say that he’s branched out to different platforms and some of the games are available for iPhone and iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/ferry-halim/id400047223.

Orisinal: Rainmaker

Screenshot of Rainmaker (Photo Credit: Ferry Halim)

Orisinal Rainmaker is a free downloard while the others can be purchased individually for only USD $0.99 or USD $2.99 for the Orisinal Collection which includes Winterbells, Apple Season, Monkeyslide, The Hatchings, Sunny Day Sky, Flight of Fire and Orisinal Rainmaker. That’s quite affordable considering what you get for that price.

So check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Orisinal: Firedragon

Screenshot of Firedragon (Photo Credit: Ferry Halim)