Review of Top Gear USA’s Snow Show

Review of Top Gear USA’s Snow Show

This past winter was one of the coldest on record. So Top Gear USA aimed to help the world in Snow Show by inventing a vehicle that would help small towns deal with the snow in a cost-effective way. Anytime Top Gear tries to benefit humanity, it usually ends in a horrendous disaster. Would this time be different? Not likely but they’re going to try anyway. They went to Caribou, Maine to do some hands-on research in show removal at the Spud Speedway. Tanner drove the city’s 2007 International Dump Truck with a snow plow conversion kit. Adam was in a 1994 Oshkosh Snow Blower and Rutledge drove a 2000 Volvo Front End Loader with a snow blower. All of these vehicles were huge, powerful and dare I saw, very expensive. So what would the guys do for research? Race them of course, and then onto the business of getting familiar with the old Chevy Vandura 3500 schoolbus that would become the Top Gear USA Winter Warrior.

“I think I was born to drive something this big.” – Rutledge Wood

Tanner worked on performance improvements, Rutledge on snow removal and Adam on snow elimination. When I say worked, I mean tell the Top Gear producers what they want beforehand and then see the final product for the first time on location. Nobody believes the modifications were made overnight in any of the series. We never have and never will. The presenter with the best-proven ideas would race a Nissan GT-R against an Arctic Cat show mobile. Yeah, so knowing that we’re going to see who they explain Adam and Rutledge losing the game.

“Wood residence, Ferrara residence. Have a good day, honey.” – Tanner Foust

The schoolbus got a makeover that deserves it being renamed a “cool bus” or maybe it’s a second bus? I’ll leave that for your eagle-eyed viewers to figure out. The boys had a grand time playing with it and getting used to their various improvements before it was time to actually start testing them. Tanner drove the bus through a rugged forest trail with broken mannequins as passengers. Well at least he didn’t hurt any children or his colleagues. Rutledge had to clear a snow-covered parking lot in an hour…or give a guy in an Oshkosh a bargain of a bribe. However and possibly unluckily Adam’s snow elimination device was still needed to finish the job. Yes, the flamethrower. It was nuts and only reinforced my theory about Adam’s obsession with tanks. The final challenge was to plow a five-mile bus route to a local school. They drove, plowed and barreled through the sow but stuff got real when the challenge blew up in their faces. Kaboom!

“We’re picking up where M.I.T. left off.” – Adam Ferrara

This week’s glorious Top Gear car porn film featured the prized Nissan GT-R Track Edition blazing along the Togwotee Pass of Wyoming’s Grand Tetons National Park. For a mere USD $117,000 this unicorn of a supercar can be in your garage. I daresay even The Stig must have been jealous or not. Who can really tell with him? To see what Godzilla could do, Tanner went head-to-head with a nameless rider on an Arctic Cat M9000 HCR snowmobile. It was a thrilling seven mile race over ice and snow which made the rallycross racer use all of his skills. Yes, the episode was an American version of the UK show’s Season 16, Episode 5 which brought fire and mayhem to Norway. However, the most enjoyable parts were watching the boys be boys, being bratty and sliding the bus into snow banks. Really the best part of this show at any given time is when they’re shooting the breeze, especially when they say things forgetting that they’re being recorded. Television gold, my people. A hat tip to the cast for live-tweeting. The next episode is Off Road Big Rigs.