Review of Top Gear on History’s Adam’s Show

Review of Top Gear on History’s Adam’s Show

This may come as a surprise but I only started watching Top Gear on History because of Adam Ferrara.  I’ve been a fan of his for a very long time.  He’s smart, funny and just a bit of a bad boy, but I had no idea he was obsessed with cars.  Needless to say, I was very excited for Adam’s Show.  Just like Rut’s Show in Season Two, Adam was in charge of the episode and his fellow cast members.  This time around both Rutledge Wood and Tanner Foust were going to be involved.  Oh, and the given excuse for Adam’s takeover was a tradition in the entertainment world: blackmail.  Onwards with the review!

“The upkeep on a 1975 Jewish girl is amazing.” – Adam Ferrara, Funny as Hell DVD

Adam Ferrara's Tweet dated 06-Nov-2012

Adam Ferrara’s Tweet dated 06-Nov-2012

Adam wasted no time in fulfilling one of his childhood fantasies.  Actually, this was a lot of people’s childhood fantasies.  He drove what is unarguably one of the greatest race cars ever made: a 1966 Ford GT40 Le Mans MKII.  The Ford Company commissioned the late, great Carroll Shelby to build race cars that would beat Enzo Ferrari at LeMans.  They placed first, second and third.  This is the one that finished second and is valued at USD $8m.  I can’t imagine the legal wrangling they went through to make this happen.  Even in films, some actors aren’t allowed to drive the sports cars because they weren’t cleared by insurance companies.  Stunt drivers do all the wheel work, and we see the star emerging heroically from the supercar he didn’t drive.  However, here was Adam ‘The Wrecker’ Ferrara taking a very, very short cruise in an original GT40.  Well done, him and the Top Gear producers.

“I’m actually going to drive this car.  I know what you’re thinking.  Clearly they don’t watch this show.” – Adam Ferrara

Since a very short trip with a very intimidated host wasn’t going to cut it, they brought in a licensed replica of the race’s winner.  Adam would have had a barrel of laughs, just doing hot laps around the Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah for the episode’s entirety.  However, there are two other guys to work into the show.  At this point, Rutledge Wood arrived in a Ferrari 550 Maranello because it’s no fun playing with a GT40 replica on a race track, without having another car to race with.  The first test was a drag race to re-enact Ferrari getting kicked in the teeth by the original GT40’s at Le Mans.  Rutledge decided to up the ante and stage the 24 Minutes of Le Mans at a nearby go kart track.  This was the first time that Adam has gotten sick on this show.  Two down, one to go and it may be time to bring in Justin Bell to take down the third.

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After two races with no discernible winner, a tie-breaker was needed.  The guys handed to keys over to Tanner who lapped both cars, starting with the Ferrari.  This segment was actually the perfect representation of this cast.  Tanner makes the cars scream on track, while Adam and Rutledge stand aside to crack jokes and argue.  Everybody’s happy and we’re all entertained.  Tanner pushed the GT40 to its very limits and predictably made tasty burgers out of the prancing pony.  Come on kids, a Ford Racing driver, in a Ford race car, at a track with a Ford Driving School, where Ford is the official vehicle and you were expecting a different outcome?  (America!)  It was funny to see Rutledge feigning outrage as they segued into the next act.

Adam arranged for them to play football (the American variety) with cars nearby.  Unlike the last attempt with inflated footballs in College Cars, they actually utilised some technology to pass and receive the ball.  It was interesting and may be as close to proper football with cars, as they could get.  We also saw some cars from the 150 MPH Challenge return with some adjustments for safety.  It was fun to watch, although I don’t know that much about American football.  Apparently, Adam was the only one of the hosts who knew what to do either; him and the opposing team.  He acted as quarterback while Rutledge and Tanner were the other guys who run and catch and stuff.  The guys got help from nameless locals, who battled against other nameless locals, from a demolition derby team.  This is appropriate because whenever Top Gear tries to merge motoring with contact sports, it always degenerates into a demolition derby anyway.

“I felt like I channelled you through whatever that was.” – Rutledge Wood

Tanner Foust's Tweet dated 07-Nov-2012

Tanner Foust’s Tweet dated 07-Nov-2012

In the final segment, Adam decided to benefit humanity and come up with a concept car to help drivers deal with other drivers.  To demonstrate his world-changing ideas, he employed Tanner as his test monkey subject.  One of the coolest things about this bit, is that Adam used his Twitter and Facebook accounts to poll his fans for information.  I think a bunch of us got the most satisfaction seeing our suggestions come to life on the TV screen.  What was even more satisfying, were Adam’s ideas on how to deal with distracted drivers, tailgating, etc.

“I wonder if I can get one of these on a Porsche?” – Tanner Foust

It was a fun show, especially for Adam’s fans.  We got to see all the guys have fun with each other, although Tanner suffered a bit at the end.  Of all the Top Gear hosts on both sides of the pond, Adam and Rutledge interact with their fans the most.  They answer questions; remember who people are and Rutledge might even call you on Phone Call Friday.  (SPEED Channel fans know what I’m talking about.)  It was great to see him get his own episode, and have the last laugh.  Oh, and when the blackmail photos were revealed at the very end of the episode, we all had a good laugh too.  The next episode is Doomsday Drive, where they aim to help humanity once again and prepare an apocalypse-ready vehicle.  May God have mercy on our souls.

Adam Ferrara's Tweet dated 05-Nov-2012

Adam Ferrara’s Tweet dated 05-Nov-2012