Review of Top Gear USA’s Off Road Big Rigs

Review of Top Gear USA’s Off Road Big Rigs

In this episode of Top Gear USA we were treated to a sequel to Season Two’s Big Rigs. This time around in Off Road Big Rigs the cast was going to transport full loads of timber to a saw mill. No stemware this time around and the only fireworks would be from the destruction of private property I all but guarantee. To see if the boys remembered anything about driving big rigs, they were given a crash refresher course at the Washington State Airport. They started with a race and then introduced their trucks. Tanner was in a speedy 2006 Peterbilt 379 Longnose. Adam had a mighty 2007 Kenworth T800 Mule Train. Rutledge (not Adam) had the oldest truck of the three, a 1991 Kensworth W900L Longnose.

“I don’t know why Rutledge is so good at this stuff. It drives me crazy.” – Tanner Foust

The next challenge was very clever with three gateways of varying heights and widths, built mainly from cardboard boxes. They were positioned at different distances from a starting point so that each presenter couldn’t immediately see which one would fit their trucks. Necessity is the mother of invention, but I’d like to think inflated insurance premiums had something to do with it too. Still I was very impressed by how much thought went into the challenge and as a matter of fact wouldn’t mind playing this game myself, if I had a lot of cardboard boxes…and a runway. By the way, can we all tweet Rutledge Wood to tell how him congratulations on his fitness achievement? I’m proud of you, dude! You skinny jeans wearing, cool dude, you. Keep running or whatever you did to get fit!

“Fine, I don’t have any size issues.” – Adam Ferrara

The next test was to see who is best at braking their trucks. There was almost some actual breaking but that’s expected on this show. My own blood pressure rate was starting to rise knowing that it was now time for the three amigos to drive on public roads. Where’s Mike Ryan when you need him? They encountered an old wooden bridge on their way to the lumberyard. I personally have said many prayers as my brother drove our car over dodgy bridges in Southern Trinidad that often make me wonder how trucks manage to pass over those things. It seemed the Top Gear cast was having similar thoughts as they faced the perilous-looking structure. Oh, who am I kidding! They would be fine, right? Yeah, they were fine; and in the grand scheme of things, crossing the bridge was probably the least dangerous obstacle in this episode. Then it was time to load up on logs.

“I’m surprised you couldn’t hear me pee my pants from here!” – Rutledge Wood

I know they try to do it in every episode but it’s rare to see all three co-hosts look unsure of their situation. They would have had help along the way to make sure everybody was safe. So understand that watching them go through a residential area was incredibly frustrating. It was a terrible idea and unsurprisingly stuff happened. Once again I say, thankfully no one was hurt. Looks like the money they saved by using cardboard boxes definitely went towards the insurance bill. Honestly though, I love these episodes. The mission was simple. The challenges were fun and they shone a light on hardworking people who do these jobs for a living every single day in the USA. The next episode was Cool Cars for Grownups.