September Shape Up Day 11: Yoga-ga!

Today’s task was the Yoga Energizer workout on the Fitness 360 DVD.  However, since I chose to run on Day 10 as my Cardio workout of choice, I wanted to do something with my arms.  So before the yoga, I pulled up the Fitsugar 10-Minute Arm Circuit then alternated between the 5lb and 8lb hand weights.  I’m easing myself into using the heavier pair, so it’s better to use the lighter ones for the Horizontal Curls and Side Raise Hold.  The Triceps Extensions were fabulously challenging with a heavier weight.  My sister’s going to love this, the next time she does this workout.  The Push Ups were also much easier than usual.  This program is making me feel so much stronger and I’m not even half-way through it as yet!  The Yoga Energizer was the perfect way to stretch out after that activity.  It’s a really good little workout but at just ten minutes, I’m shopping around for a proper Yoga DVD, any suggestions?  This was My Fitness Revolution: Day 319.

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