September Shape Up Day 12 Those Crazy Eights!

The Total Tone 360 workout from the Fitness 360 DVD was on the agenda today.  Heck, it was the whole agenda, in addition to drinking 70oz of water which was an all-day event.  I decided to do the routine pretty early and incorporate the eight pound weights.  Oh yes.  Don’t colour me crazy just yet because I alternated with the 5lb pair because some of the exercises were pretty challenging.  The Shoulder Flyes had me growling with the fives so I wouldn’t dare attempt them with the eights.  However, I definitely want to try the Kneeling-Bent-Over rows with the heavier pair next time.  There’s not too much muscle stiffness or discomfort, but I’ll definitely sleep like a baby tonight.  This was My Fitness Revolution: Day 320.

Woman Lifting Dumbbell