September Shape Up Day 13: What’s Up, Drago?

Young Woman Jogging on Treadmill As part of the September Shape Up program, I completed a Cardio Jog for twenty-five minutes.  I was mentally exhausted today after a very long technical support to my cell phone service provider.  The person who helped me was lovely and extremely patient as we troubleshot setup of an Airave unit.  It was successful but all I wanted to do was take a nap.  By the time, I dragged myself to work out it was too late to run outside.  That left me at Drago’s mercy.  Oh yeah, that’s the family treadmill.  I named it after Dolph Lundgren’s character in Rocky IV because I always feel like it’s trying to break me.  Okay, I know it’s not sentient but I always like to keep in touch with my fighter’s instinct.  Just in case someday, I have to tap into my inner rage, as my beloved Sensei taught me.

Post-Run Selfie 13-Sep-2012

Moi post-run

Anyway, I’d usually start off with a five-minute brisk warm-up walk, run for fifteen minutes and finish up with a five-minute cool-down walk.  However, I followed Holly’s instruction to alternate between walks and runs.  Talk about sweat!  It also gave me a chance to push the pace.  I reached 9’44” at one point and this little run had my best overall pace ever.  I followed up with the Exercise TV Sports Cool Down video.  Except for some minor stiffness in my calves, thank God there’s no pain anywhere!  That doesn’t mean I’m going to go overboard and double up workouts.  However, it proves that the program had definitely kicked my conditioning up a notch, and I’m excited to see where I’ll be next week.  This was My Fitness Revolution: Day 321.

Run Stats for 13-Sep-2012

Run Stats for 13-Sep-2012