September Shape Up Day 15: Halfway There!

The September Shape Up is a thirty-day program and today was the halfway point.  It was back to the Fitness 360 DVD for the Cardio 360 workout.  The first segment is usually the hardest because of the jumping exercises.  I coped a lot better this time but still took a break before moving on to the second set.  My goal is to use only the 8lb pair of hand weights for all the exercises.  No wimping out in this house.  However, I had to use the 5lb pair for Chest Flyes, Triceps Extensions Overhead and Delt Side Raises because it was just too hard otherwise.  The heavier pair worked perfectly for the Wide Bicep Curls and for the Deep Side Squats.


The push-ups were great and although the leg-lowering abs exercise was a challenge, it felt great.  The last movement before the cool-down was hand-down, one of if not the most difficult abs exercises I’ve ever done in my life.  I look forward to mastering it soon.  It was more than a surprise to find that that there was no muscle soreness to speak of afterwards.  It’s been a tough week and I’m just a tad bit sleep deprived, so I’m very happy to relax and recharge before the next session, very happy.  This program has definitely improved my strength level and running performance.  Even if I can’t show ‘progress’ in weight loss, I feel better.  Can’t really ask for more, eh?  This was My Fitness Revolution: Day 323.