September Shape Up Day 21: Uh Oh Cardio!

Today’s workout was Cardio 360 from the Fitness 360 DVD along with fifty jumping jacks and twenty walking lunges.  I really enjoyed it and challenged myself to use the 8lb weights only.  This is a pretty strenuous routine and I needed the take a couple breaks.  However, none of the exercises were impossible to do.  Admittedly, it was difficult to keep up with Holly for the Overhead Triceps Extensions and Chest Flyes; but I wasn’t pushing too hard because the weights are pretty heavy.  I applied Biofreeze to my whole legs and sides because they were still tender.  It helped a lot and I’ll probably use more tomorrow.  I was able to get my knees very low to the ground for the walking lunges and used the 8lb weights too.  Perhaps I should have done them before the DVD workout’s cool down?  Afterwards, my sister and I hung out and watched YouTube videos on the TV because that’s always cool.  This was My Fitness Revolution: Day 329.

Success must be felt