September Shape Up Day 24: The Beginning Of The End

At long last, it’s the homestretch of Holly Perkins’ September Shape Up program.  This felt like the shortest, longest month and today was the longest day.  The assigned workout was actually a double: the Cardio 360 and Total Tone 360 workouts from the Fitness 360 DVD in that order.  Individually, they’re challenging and invigorating; but together they’re pretty hardcore.  Okay they were for me but that didn’t mean there was any wimping out…much.  I used the 8lb hand weights but my arms were still a bit sore from this weekend’s activities, so the Triceps Extensions in Cardio 360 were very difficult.  It was hard for me to keep up with the instructions and I had to stop during the second round of exercises.

Don't just go through the motions

There was a brief rest before the Total Tone 360 workout and I coped pretty well.  This workout doesn’t usually wear me out but there was a small struggle this time.  I was tempted to use the 5lb weights instead but stuck with the heavier pair.  It wasn’t all pain and despair as I surprised myself with the Split Squats, Squat Pulses and Reverse Lunges.  I was able to get very low which is great for toning up the thigh muscles.  After the workout, I did a couple stretches from the Exercise TV Sports Cool Down video.  From then on there was no rush to do anything.  I took my sweet time and moseyed up/down the stairs.  My thigh muscles were a bit stiff but the arm muscles seem to be perfectly fine.  Sometimes that’s just what a workout does.  It works out the kinks and stiffness that would otherwise have us wincing and whining.  Today was My Fitness Revolution: Day 332.

Hand Weight