September Shape Up Day 27: Plateau Paranoia

One of the worst things in a fitness regime of any kind is to hit a plateau.  That means you’ve gotten to a level but can’t improve further unless a major change is made.  Often we could go for months without realising that we’ve reached a null state.  This is why I was happy to participate in Holly Perkins’ September Shape Up Program.  You see, I have Plateau Paranoia and need to bump up my routine by a notch or several in order to avoid that dreaded stagnancy.  Indeed, this program has been the opposite of stagnant.  Each week has been challenging, invigorating and ultimately rewarding.  However, Plateau Paranoia crept back into my brain again today.

Don't compare yourself to others.

The task was to complete the Cardio 360workout from the Fitness 360 DVD.  I used the 8lb weights for all the necessary exercises without many problems, except for the Tricep Extension Overheads on the floor.  Those were tough.  I didn’t keep up with Holly’s instructions as well as I would have liked, but this is a demanding workout for me and every time I do it, there’s some improvement.  So I’m not too disappointed in my overall performance.  The assignment also included thirty Walking Lunges.  This is quickly becoming one of my favourite exercises.  I did them with weights and got very, very low to the ground. (Insert short joke here.)  One of this program’s benefits has been greatly improved thigh strength, and these lunges were part of that.  I sat down after and drank some water, then decided to throw in another workout from the DVD: Yoga Energizer.  I really like how it stretches my body and pushes the limits of my flexibility.  It’s time to start thinking about October’s schedule.  This was My Fitness Revolution: Day 335.

Water Bottle and Weighted Rope