September Shape Up Day 28: And Then There Were Two

Today’s September Shape Up task was a double workout.  The first was Cardio of choice for twenty-five minutes.  I decided to hit Drago but not before taking a turn with the weighted jump rope again.  This time, I used it on concrete instead of the carpet near the workout area.  Lo and behold, I performed much better than the last time.  As a former kickboxing student, it was more than disturbing that I was unable to skip.  However, I was just on the wrong surface.  With my confidence restored, I’ll warm up for runs with it as much as possible.  I put in an extra five minutes on the treadmill since I indulged in pasta for the past couple days.  It was a really good run.  I haven’t pushed myself like that in a while and quite frankly, I’ve missed it.

Miracles Don't Happen...

In addition, I switched my stats over to the metric system because the race is called a 5k not a 3.2 miles.  Now I’ll be positive when the target distance has been achieved.  The second workout was Yoga Energizer from the Fitness 360 DVD.  It worked well to give my arms a bit of work, and stretch out my leg muscles.  I didn’t see any drastic changes in my body because this was only a month-long program.  Drastic weight loss is worrisome to me because it usually comes back just as fast as it went.  However, Holly Perkins encouraged participants to take photos to track progress.  I actually did it and there is one very obvious change: my middle.  There was a visible bump before and now it’s greatly reduced.  For the first time I’m taking photos without pulling in my stomach.  Whoa.  Thank you, Holly!  This was My Fitness Revolution: Day 336.

Comparison 28-Sep-2012

Not obvious from how I look but definitely from how I feel.