September Shape Up Day 3: Cardio Jog

The program has occasional workouts of your choice.  Day Three was Cardio Jog which meant we were to alternate walking and jogging for twenty minutes.  So I fired up Drago (the treadmill) and set the Nike+ Running app for two miles.  My thigh muscles were still a bit sore from Day One’s activities so I decided to take it easy.  After a five-minute brisk walk I launched into a reasonably challenging pace.  At certain points, I actually felt like I was going too slowly.  This is a new experience for me.  Then again, I haven’t run in a while and my body was clearly missing the activity.  I did contemplate running outside but the sun was blazing and I wanted to sweat.  Not that a run on the asphalt wouldn’t have yielded the same result, but it seemed more reasonable to sweat it out in the garage, as opposed to outside.

Don't be upset

I’ve also come to resent running with stuff.  The iPod Touch keeps track of my progress and gives me music, but the cell phone is a pain in the butt.  Today, I just wanted to run wearing pants without pockets.  That’s all.  After the run, I was primarily concerned with preparation for tomorrow’s workout so I did Holly’s Sports Cool Down routine.  It worked very well to get the kinks out of my leg muscles and now there’s hardly any stiffness at all.  In the diet department, I’ve been a bit of a bad girl.  Yes, I have gotten used to sweetening my tea with honey instead of brown sugar.  However, I indulged in some tasty desserts this weekend…twice.  They were delicious but weren’t exactly in keeping with the spirit of the Shape Up program.  From here on out, I promise that it’ll be low-fat, non-fat or none at all.  Cross my heart!  This was My Fitness Revolution: Day 311.

I must break you

I named my treadmill after Ivan Drago from Rocky 4 because it thinks it can break me. I think not, playa.