September Shape Up Day 4: Cardio 360

Today’s assignment took me back to the Fitness 360 DVD for the Cardio 360 workout.  It was high-paced (duh, Cardio?) but the exercises were easy enough for me to follow along.  I only stopped the workout once and that was to answer the phone.  Other than that, I kept up surprisingly well.  Although I’ve been working out almost every day for months, it’s always a mild shock when I can do a new exercise without collapsing in exhaustion.  The abs exercise was tough and I used a pair of 5lb hand weights for the strength exercises.  Unlike the Fitsugar Arm Circuit floor exercises, both weights were used and that was quite a challenge!  When the workout was over, I immediately grabbed the Biofreeze and applied it to my thigh and calf muscles.   I didn’t do the Sports Cool Down routine.  Time will tell if that was a mistake.  Cardio 360 was a lot of fun but I’m really, really looking forward the Yoga Energizer tomorrow.  This was My Fitness Revolution: Day 312.

Better than I was yesterday