September Shape Up Day 7: Total Tone 360

The mission was to complete the Total Tone 360 workout from the Fitness 360 DVD.  I’ve been looking forward to this workout since the first time I did it.  On this attempt, I only needed to take one small water-break and kept up well for its entire duration.  I used 5lb hand weights for the strength exercises and didn’t feel pressed upon, until the Chest Flyes on the floor.  That was tough.  Maybe in a week, I’ll try it with the 8lb pair.  Although Holly’s cool down moves in the routine were good, I still followed up with her longer Sports Cool Down video.  Quite frankly, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I felt the burn and even sweated a little.  On a vain note, my collarbone is visible once again.  This was My Fitness Revolution: Day 315.
It Pays Off