September Shape Up Days 1 to 2: Thank God it’s Sunday!

Day One: Total Tone 360

This mere twenty-minute workout hit every muscle in my body.  It was high-paced with routine changes almost every minute.  None of the movements were impossible to execute but it was fairly strenuous to keep up with Holly.  Honesty, I paused the DVD a few times to drink water.  Despite that, it was more invigorating than exhausting and I was quite surprised when it was time for cool-down stretches.  I was happy to use hand weights and did some exercises that I’ve seen before but never tried.  This time I used my 5lb pair but anticipate christening my brand new pair of 8lb hand weights.  Muscle stiffness didn’t appear until I walked down a flight of stairs.  Mama, my thighs were in pain; but that’s what Biofreeze and Arnica Gel are for, right?  This was My Fitness Revolution: Day 309.

 My dumbbells

Day Two: Rest

Forget TGIF, this September it’s TGIS as in Thank God It’s Sunday because that’s the designated rest day in this Shape Up program.  The muscle stiffness was still there but only made its presence felt when I was going up and down stairs.  In spite of all the restful rest, I watched my food intake and decided to sweeten my tea with honey instead of sugar.  It wasn’t a bad substitute and maybe it could be a permanent change?  Maybe not, I miss my brown sugar.  This was My Fitness Revolution: Day 310.

Feet up