September Shape Up Days 22 to 23: Oh My Feet!

Day 22: Yoga Energizer

You may be wondering from the post’s title, what in the world could possibly have happened to me?  Well, since the day’s task was going to be a light one, I decided to do some long overdue cleaning.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the good sense to plan my activities and spent a tad bit too long sweeping, steaming, vacuuming and laundering.  The physical work was ended with the Yoga Energizer workout from the Fitness 360 DVD.  My legs were hurting, especially my feet in addition to my biceps.  Thank God for a hot meal and good night’s sleep to aid recovery.  I clearly need to re-think the way I do things.  This was My Fitness Revolution: Day 330.

Success Isn't Given.

Day 22: Rest

From the previous day’s activity, you might think that I took it easy on my designated day of rest.  Well, I did until the evening.  As you know, I like my running stats and the Nike+ app is an important tool to keep my numbers straight.  However, it’s not going to do its job if the calibration hasn’t been set.  So I headed out in the early evening to do just that.  I started out with a short walk, and then a short run.  Walking and running outside is very different from the treadmill.  I had to change my speed to accommodate for heat, bugs, traffic, kids playing and one overzealous, young German Shepherd who was thankfully leashed.  At least in a race, the only things I should have to worry about are other runners.  Despite that, I was still able to set another PR of 6’07” for a kilometre.  I’ll try to get as much rest as possible but may have to ‘bathe’ in liniment before the next workout because it’s going to be a long one.  This was My Fitness Revolution: Day 331.

Steps in my house

Want a killer arm workout? Vacuum those.