Spectacular Barcelona Time Lapse By Alexandr Kravtsov

Spectacular Barcelona Time Lapse By Alexandr Kravtsov

Don’t be surprised if you hear me say that I’m picking up and moving to Barcelona.  If I had a list of favourite cities, Barcelona would be in the top five at least!  It’s not perfect, but to my mind is the great mix of a modern, metropolitan city with beloved old world charm.  As a lover of history and architecture, to live in a place with so many beautiful sights sounds like a fantastic idea.  Not to mention the people, the food, football and spirit of this Catalan jewel is infectious.  Apparently, filmmaker Alexandr Kravtsov felt the same way.

“Broken camera, lost flash drive, near 100 subway rides, 24 000 photos, endless hours of post production and rendering and 480 gigabytes of material.” – Alexandr Kravtsov


Screenshot from “Barcelona. A short motion timelapse movie by Alexandr Kravtsov.”

There are many such videos but few come close to this one’s quality.  The painstaking time, effort and devotion he put in must have been great but the results are nothing short of spectacular.  So grab yourself a hot up of “té o café” (tea or coffee) and get lost in the beauty of Barcelona.

Hat tip goes to Ross Advertising Ltd. for sharing the video on Facebook.