SPEED Channel Flashback to Seat Swap Special

SPEED Channel Flashback to Seat Swap Special

Once upon a time there was a channel dedicated to motorsports and it was called SPEED.  Formula 1 and NASCAR both called it home, so every once in a while they did fun stuff like the Seat Swap Special.  They brought a Formula 1 car to a NASCAR road course with elite drivers from both series, and had them swap cars.  This one from 2011 featured Tony Stewart and Lewis Hamilton back when he was a McLaren man.

Seat Swap Special

Screenshot of Tony Stewart’s name on an F1 McLaren from SPEED Channel’s Seat Swap Special

They brought their crews, entourage and giddy sponsors together at Watkins Glen International for a day neither driver would ever forget.  Just listening to Bob Varsha, Steve Matchett and Larry MacReynolds chatting together was highly entertaining.  Although SPEED Channel is long gone, we still have the memories and hope that someday there will be another Seat Swap Special.

Hat tip goes to Fredstar88’s YouTube channel for the video.