The Countdown Is On To My First 5K

In my previous post, I announced that this coming Sunday I’ll be running my first race, the Paint The Towne Palmer College 5K.  It’s the first of three races in as many months and I’m nervously excited.  As you know, I’ve run this distance on my own a few times and my goal was to do it in under an hour.  At this point, I can think of no greater shame except maybe puking or fainting by the roadside.  Anyway, my new main goal is to not finish last.  I don’t have to be first but heaven forbid that I should be last.  Hey, I know what it feels like to finish last in a race and although I did it with great style, it still sucked.  So I really don’t want to finish last on Sunday and hit the internet in search of advice. didn’t disappoint with ‘Your 3-Step Plan to Run a 5K’ and ‘What to Do Before Your 5K’.  I was surprised that I shouldn’t run the actual distance this week but build up towards it in order to preserve my legs for race day.  Okie dokie, don’t push too hard this week.  Wait, I’m supposed to what!?!

Run While You Can

I worked hard to get to this intensity level and surely won’t back off; but will do shoot for smaller workouts this week.  Sunday was the usual rest day.  On Monday, I ran 3km on the treadmill and varied the pace like a fartlek.  It felt great and wasn’t nearly as painful or stressful as the last time.  Holly Perkins launched a new program called ‘Thirty Days of Lunges’ to literally get our booties in gear.  The first goal was twenty which I did holding the 8lb dumbbells.  I’m glad that weights aren’t a requirement but I want to see how far I can go with them.  We’re going to add one lunge for every day and should be able to do fifty by the month’s end.  That’s going to be great and work wonders for my lower body.  Yeah, I’ve learned to really love lunges.

Holly Perkins Tweet dated 26-Oct-2012

I so want to get a t-shirt made.

The workout was rounded off with Exercise TV’s Sports Cool Down video because since I stopped doing it as often, my legs haven’t fared too well.  During the massage on Saturday, the therapist said that there was some tension in my knees and I realised that this video had helped me a lot.  This is definitely the time to bring it back into the routine and as much as possible this week.  On Tuesday, I completed the Total Tone 360workout from Holly PerkinsFitness 360 DVD with 8lb dumbbells.  It was a late workout but I managed to complete all the exercises (Chest Flyes, people!) plus twenty-one walking lunges.  After the cool down video, I was ready to roll over and take a nap.  Tomorrow’s a running day, as my friend Sarah, who’s at the half-marathon level told me, “…don’t try anything new right before the race including foods, clothes and shoes.”  Those Mizuno Wave Creation 12 running shoes need some more pounding before I decide to use them for the race.  By the way, I’m still counting.  These were My Fitness Revolution: Days 366 to 368.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Animated Walking Lunge with Dumbbells

Homeboy has good form.