The Countdown Is On To The Santa Hustle 5K!

When I signed up for my first 5K on Active, I was immediately tempted to register for The Santa Hustle Daytona Beach 5K & Half Marathon.  The 5K, not the half marathon smarty pants!  It looked to be a lot of fun but I wanted to finish the Paint The Towne Palmer College 5K first.  Now, it’s less than a week before I grace the streets of Daytona Beach in a Santa hat and beard with (hopefully) a small army of fitness enthusiasts ready to ring in the Christmas season.  Hopefully, I’ve filled the gaps in my training plan and will be better prepared than the last time.  The Thirty Days of Lunges project was a great way to strengthen my lower body to hold pace for almost a mile at a time.  This is astounding for somebody who couldn’t even run up a flight of stairs without getting winded.

Run Hard

On Thursday, I started the day with twenty walking lunges but didn’t get around to formal exercise until much later.  Eventually, I spent about thirty-five minutes with three Fitsugar videos.  I started out with Teddy Bass’ Bikini Abs because that’s the hardest one for me.  Then it was all about Miss Holly Perkins, first with her Arm Circuit and then her Leaner Legs workout.  I’m happy to say that I wasn’t as wobbly on the Reverse Lunge & Kickexercise.  That doesn’t mean I wasn’t wobbly but just a hair more stable than in times past.  I sat on the mat and decided to do the Exercise TV Sports Cool Down video to deal with my sore muscles instead of a power or flow yoga routine.  Although I used the 5lb dumbbells for the tougher arm exercises, altogether it was pretty strenuous and I felt the burn.

My November 2012 workouts

My November 2012 workouts

The next day I did the same number of walking lunges but didn’t get to exercise until about two hours later than planned.  It was my fault entirely and something I’ll try to avoid in the future.  I revisited Holly’s Cardio 360 workout from the Fitness 360 DVD using 8lb dumbbells.  It’s amazing that although it’s only been two weeks since I’d done this, the exercise was extremely challenging.  Not only was I breathing hard but sweating quite a bit.  It certainly wasn’t due to dehydration because I’d had quite a lot of water that day.  I set Teddy Bass’ Abs workout to play but couldn’t get past the Plank Blast series.  It was all just a bit too much for me, so I sat on the floor watching funny YouTube videos to cool down.  Laughter truly is the best medicine.  My original plan was to end this week with a long run on Saturday but when I woke up that morning, my body was in pain.  I felt like a wrung-out towel and that was when my sister had a brilliant idea.

Motivation to Habit

A few phone calls later and I had an early afternoon appointment at Remedy Spa in Pelican Bay aka my happy place.  It’s a wonderful local business owned by Tim and Michelle Franks.  He’s also a massage therapist and did a fabulous job for my aching body.  Tami, the resident aesthetician worked her magic to ‘fix my face’ a bit so that I can be worry-free about my photos next weekend.  My next stop was 27 Fathoms for a fabulous lunch.  Yes, I’m one of those people who take photographs of their food.  You can find them all on Instagram.  The only disappointment was that when I walked out of there with some chilli to go, they couldn’t give me a bag.  It was a bit off-putting to walk around the mall with my food in half of a take-out container.  Luckily the lovely ladies at Loraine’s Fashion Jewelry and Accessories were able to help me out with one of their bags.  Bless them and their beautiful shiny products that will definitely be making me a tad bit poorer but fabulous in the new year.

Learn to say no

By the time I left that night, my budget had been blown but the Christmas shopping was pretty much done.  I also bought a couple tops for me to run comfortably in the cold weather, since I still have my eye on that 5K in January.  Phew!  I don’t know about you but all that speed walking with heavy bags sounded like a workout in itself, eh?  That’s why on Sunday, I didn’t do much of anything physical at all.  Instead, I finalised an effective iTunes playlist for me to use when running.  It may not seem important at first, but the right song can motivate an extra burst of energy.  While on the other hand, the wrong song could throw off pace and be an unpleasant distraction.  So now that I’ve been worked out, massaged out, shopped out and ‘songed’ out; all I should do this week is focus on the race, right?  Ha, yeah right!  You guys know me so well.  It’s never, ever that simple.  These were My Fitness Revolution Days: 398 to 401.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

Never ever ever give up