Time To Recover And Restart After The First Race

This week had a rough start.  I woke up on Monday with a feeling of exhaustion but that didn’t stop me from being busy for most of the day.  Despite that, I was able to complete twenty-seven walking lunges for Holly PerkinsThirty Days of Lunges with my body weight alone.  Trust me, there’s more than enough weight in my body to provide resistance.  However, I didn’t even touch the planned workout.  Thankfully, Tuesday was different.  The semi-rest refreshed me and I was able to handle the day’s activity with gusto.  The first order of business was to recalibrate my Nike+ app to match the treadmill’s distance measurement.  In order to avoid any guesswork, which by the way is how I messed it up the last time, I decided to walk exactly one mile and then do the calibration.  Unfortunately, I forgot to switch the app from metric to imperial measurement to match the treadmill.  The distances didn’t match up so I had to fix that and then walk half a mile before fixing the calibration.

Act As If It Is Impossible To Fail

With that done, I ran a half mile to correct the run calibration and made an unexpected discovery.  It wasn’t easy to walk the 1.5 miles but I loved the little run.  It was much more comfortable and I was actually sorry to stop the clock.  Afterwards, I did twenty-eight walking lunges and really started to feel it by number twenty-five.  A couple hours after Sunday’s race, I got a headache that stayed with me right up until Tuesday night.  Painkillers only offered brief relief but then the pain would come back with a vengeance.  Thankfully the simplest solution worked best as I went to sleep with a wet cloth over my eyes.  The next morning, I felt a bit groggy but the headache was finally gone.  Another suspicion was that I was a bit dehydrated, so I made the effort to drink a lot of water and that may have helped too.

Screenshot from Fitsugar Arms with Holly Perkins

Screenshot from Fitsugar Arms with Holly Perkins: Triceps Extensions

One MoreThe day was far more enjoyable without the pounding in my head.  In the evening, I put things in place for a full workout that included three Fitsugar workout videos; firstly Bikini Abs with Teddy Bass, and then Holly’s Arm Circuit.  I used the five pound dumbbells for most of the exercises and one of the eight pound weights for the Triceps Extensions.  Then, I completed the Flow Yoga workout with Ursula Vari.  It was much easier than the last time but that’s because I’m more familiar with the poses and movements.  That doesn’t mean they were easier.  On the contrary, this is a challenging workout that really does make you sweat.  I finished up with twenty-nine walking lunges without any extra weights in hand.  In the week leading up to the race, I understand why dialling back on my workouts was important.  In fact, I probably sabotaged myself by doing anything on the day before the race.

The Santa Hustle Daytona Beach 5K & Half-Marathon

The Santa Hustle Daytona Beach 5K & Half-Marathon Logo

The thing is that I got very used to a certain amount of daily physical exertion and really missed it.  This month will be different because I have to run longer and harder than ever.  Not only do I want to be fully prepared for the next race but shave some minutes off my time.  Oh yes, I’ve signed up for my next race and it’s going to be a blast.  The Santa Hustle Daytona Beach 5K and Half Marathon is on December 9, 2012 and promises to be quite an event.  This time I intend to really enjoy myself no matter what.  Come on, who’s not going to have a good time in a race where all the runners are dressed up as Santa Claus?  These were My Fitness Revolution Days: 374 to 376.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!