To Lunge Or Not To Lunge? Lunge!

We’re in the official final stretch of Holly PerkinsThirty Days of Lunges project and it’s been a very beneficial one.  I didn’t have the good sense to take a photo for comparison; but you can take my word for it that my legs not only feel but look different.  Oh and by different, I mean greatly improved in musculature and strength.  However, this project hasn’t been for the faint of heart or knees.  I realised that my form wasn’t quite perfect but since then paid more attention to posture and now the lunges have been making me hurt in all the right places.  Last Friday, I was sorely tempted to hit the asphalt for another run but stuck to my plan and completed the Total Tone 360 workout from the Fitness 360 DVD, using 8lb dumbbells.  This was followed up with the Yoga Energizer and forty-five walking lunges.  At this point, body weight is enough resistance but some seasoned folks claim to use weights on Holly’s Facebook page.  I don’t doubt that but it’s just not for me right now.  Besides, I had big plans for Saturday.

Learn to love the burn.

Not too long after waking up I completed my quota of forty-six walking lunges, just to get them out of the way.  In the afternoon, my nephew and I headed out for a run.  He was supposed to do about two miles, while my goal was three.  Unlike the last time, I took off at my own pace and it was a really good session.  I walked briefly and maintained a decent pace throughout.  In fact, the only reason I slowed to a walk was after getting a drink of water because I was extremely thirsty.  That day was almost cold and I was feeling very warm in the jacket I wore to avoid getting a chill.  I’m trying out different outfits to see what works best in these cooler outside temperatures.  The last thing I want is a frosty surprise for the next 5K.  At home, I took a bit too long to do the Exercise TV Sport Cool Down video and the fatigue started to set in.  I lay on the floor for a while before heading to the shower.  In anticipation of a late afternoon nap, I had a big mug of Cheerios with low-fat milk.  Oh, it was glorious way to end the day’s fitness activities.

Strong girls have more fun

Sunday is usually my day of rest, except for the walking lunges.  However, I sort of forgot to do them.  I was taking it really easy and found myself building a chest of drawer from Ikea with my sister and nephew.  How was I supposed to know that this was going to be a physically rigorous activity?  There was some medium to heavy lifting, screwing thingies into the pre-cut wood, hammering nails and of course putting a couple bits on the wrong way.  Hey, you know how I roll.  My calf muscles were as tight as could be and don’t even get me started on my back.  However, a few minutes laying out on a heated massage mattress and I was able to cope.  A couple painkillers, hot meal and a good night’s sleep had me right as rain.  Thankfully, that may have been the hardest part of my current furniture assembly spree.

Ikea Purgatory

My nephew and I in full handy-mode

Not wanting to irritate my sore body, I reserved Monday for strength training and repeated last Friday’s plan.  It felt really good to sweat and lift those weights.  However, I skipped the Yoga Energizer because it was getting late and I had some pressing matters to deal with.  We’ve been experiencing some very cold temperatures which make it hard to drink my usual volume of water.  However, I’ve managed to leave sugar out of my hot beverages and use Truvia instead.  My meals haven’t been as healthy as I would have liked but portion control has prevented me from going overboard.  Sometimes there’s nothing more filling than a simple sandwich and cup/bottle of orange juice.  These were My Fitness Revolution: Days 392 to 395.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!

My Treadmill stats 24-Nov-2012

My Treadmill stats 24-Nov-2012