Trini Christmas Songs of the Day 2011

Every day leading up to December 25th, a YouTube link for Christmas songs was posted on this blog’s Facebook fan page. They were all by Caribbean artists but predominantly so from my homeland. Below is the 2011 list of the tunes and there’s a playlist on YouTube for your enjoyment. Merry Christmas and God bless you all!MC900022951 Santa Claus

  1. Baron: It’s Christmas
  2. Daisy Voisin: Alegria Alegira
  3. Sharlene Flores: Parang Soca Fun
  4. Scrunter: Anita
  5. Lord Kitchener: Drink Ah Rum
  6. Marcia Miranda: Bring Out De Ham
  7. Machel Montano: Soca Santa
  8. Scrunter: Leroy
  9. Lennox Grey: Around the Christmas Tree
  10. Sharlene Boodram: Mamacita
  11. Daisy Voisin: Hurah Hurah
  12. Scrunter: Piece Ah Pork
  13. Nap Hepburn: Tell Santa Claus
  14. Susan Maico: Trini Christmas Is The Best
  15. Trinidad Bill: Spirit of Christmas
  16. Marcia Miranda: Thiefing Parang Band
  17. Sharlene Flores: Sereno Sereno
  18. Bunji Garlin: What is Christmas
  19. Da Spirits: Black Cake and Sorrel (A Mas$tamind Christmas)
  20. RemBunction: Macafouchette
  21. Sharlene Flores: Bendita Tu Eres
  22. Singing Francine: Parang Parang
  23. Taxi: Indian Parang Chick
  24. Scrunter: Madame Jeffrey
  25. Marcia Miranda: Gimme Love Fuh Christmas
  26. Ninja: Wrong House
  27. Daisy Voisin: El Diablo Suerto
  28. The Mighty Sparrow: Home for the Holidays
  29. Scrunter: Chutkaipan
  30. Pam Hall: Winter Wonderland
  31. Crazy: Muchacha
  32. Beckett: Calypso Noel
  33. Lord Relator: Christmas Is Yours Christmas Is Mine
  34. Leon Coldero: Bella Trinidad
  35. Baron: Oh Holy Night Remix