Twitter Discovery: Luvvie Ajayi

Twitter Discovery: Luvvie Ajayi

“Renowned Ranter. Titan of Trifling Truths. Majestic Murker. Superb Side-eye artist. Grand Goon. Bodacious Blogger. Pop Culture PrimaDonna. Jesus is my patronus!” – OluLuvvie AdeRatchet

A few months ago, I discovered the exceptional humour blog of Miss Luvvie Ajayi.  The first piece I read was The Fifty Dumbest Tweets of 2011.  That was all and the girl-crush had begun, but her other pieces cemented it.  She is superlatively funny.  Some of her terminology took some getting used to and had me shameless googling, but I’m on top of all her slang now.  Even the ones she invented herself.  Luvvie’s not just a professional blogger but an award-winning one as well.  She’s also a contributing writer for Ebony Magazine’s Keeping It Reality column.  Most recently, her upward trajectory got a boost when she was invited to cover this year’s Academy Awards with another well-respected blogger, Afrobella.  There are definitely great things on the horizon for this writer, social media strategist, red pump rocker, techie and champion for AIDS Awareness.

Her blog is highly entertaining but Twitter is where Luvvie really shines.  She has three accounts, for her three websites and three interests: @luvvieig (Awesomely Luvvie), @iluvvit (AweLuv Consulting) and @redpumpproj (The Red Pump Project).  She also live-tweets reality and award shows.  Her live-tweeting skills are superb and this woman drops one-liners like it’s nobody’s business.  Luvvie has also called out quite a few celebrities for their public foolishness and even ‘dropkicked’ a few of them ‘through the goalposts of life’ on many occasions.  Tyrese notoriously blocked her from his Twitter account because of his numerous appearances on her Dumbest Tweets. Ever. mini-blog.  Just today, she pledged to abstain from ‘roasting’ him for two days.  Such a feat may require intercessory prayer on her behalf.

Connections Among Bloggers

Connections Among Bloggers

Luvvie also gives advice to bloggers and speaks at conferences.  To stalk follow Luvvie on Twitter and Facebook is to witness a live case study in social media marketing.  I’ve learned so much from her in the past few months.  She’s an inspiration to me as a blogger and just as writer; but even if you’re not any of those things – follow her!  Her website is called Awesomely Luvvie for a reason.  She’s the sister from another mister, you never knew you had.  She makes us laugh or cries with us when tragedy breaks all our hearts (RIP Whitney).  I try not to sound like a fangirl, I really do…but Luvvie Ajayi is my shero.  One of my goals in life is to shake her hand and buy her a glass of Moscato while we’re rocking red pumps.

Roasting Poor Tyrese to Ashes

Roasting Poor Tyrese to Ashes

  • Girl you just made me ugly cry to this post. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You are amazing for this. I can't e'em… chile I'm just verklempt. *hugs you tight*

  • You are not alone in this sentiment… I must add that she sincerely cares and is as down to earth as one can imagine. I too, adore the crap out of Luvvie! Great post!!! And well deserved!

  • Val

    Wonderful read! She's an inspiration to me also as a new blogger. She's a social media rockstar! Anytime I talk blogging or social media, I often reference her. She's so cool.

  • Welcome to the "Luv us sum Luvvie" club. We admire her unique style as well. Can't, won't, refuse to go a day without reading her blog. You're absolutely right… She truly "shines on Twitter." Hang with her for a day and you'll see she has a gift of seeing things and expressing them unlike any other. The chile is blessed!

  • Oh my gosh girl, you're so going to have to get used to adulation. I'm so honoured that you're gracing my little blog with your presence! *hands over box of tissues*You've made my day, nay…my week and possibly my month!

  • Thanks for your kind comment, Marie! I'd love to meet her one day. Just to bask in her awesomeness. *sigh*

  • Thanks for taking time to comment, Val. I love that she shares her knowledge with everybody. Her YouTube video on analytics is so important. Every blogger should see that one!

  • Thanks for posting a comment, Stephanie! When Luvvie broke the news that she and Afrobella were going to the Oscars, my sister (fellow fan) and I were beside ourselves. We were overjoyed for them. If I was actually going to meet/hang with her? Girl, I'd need a couple days to get my cool back or I'd embarrass the nation. 😀

  • Great article! I'm a huge fan too!Jaxx Sheard

  • Thanks for commenting, Jaxx!