Who Doesn’t Like To Lounge? Lunge, I meant lunge!

When Holly Perkins introduced the Thirty Days of Lunges project at the end of October, I knew it was going to be tough.  I started doing them as part of the September Shape Up and kept them as part of my weekly workout plans.  However, I never did more than thirty at a time.  If you think this is the introduction to a complaint, then you’re wrong.  I love walking lunges.  They’re a great way to strengthen legs and improve pace during runs.  On Thursday, the schedule was all about Fitsugar and three videos to cover my abs, arms and legs.  I know that especially for women of a certain age, the abdominals are often the last body part to get toned.  Quite frankly, my belly is still there and while it’s not as big as it was several months ago, a little focused work doesn’t hurt.  Teddy Bass’s Fitsugar video is quite unlike any abs exercises I’ve ever done.  Usually, I feel sore in my mid-section well into the next day.

Don't complain about things...

Afterwards, I went for a Holly Perkins double: arms and legs.  I know the Arm Circuit well as it was the first Fitsugar video I ever discovered and it still provides a challenge.  Although I prefer to use the 5lb pair of dumbbells and save an 8lb for the Triceps Extensions because a heavier one works far better.  The Legs video on the other hand, is one that I’m still getting used to.  I did the moves a bit better but still lost my balance on the Reverse Lunge & Kick exercise.  As I’ve said, it’s more my fault than anything but I want longer, leaner legs as the video is titled.  So I’m happy to work to get it right.  After all that work it was hard but I completed my quota of thirty-seven walking lunges.  The next day, I had originally scheduled a run but decided to swap Saturday’s workout so that I could run outside that day instead.  Friday’s workout saw a return to Holly’s Fitness 360 DVD.  I thought that I could do the entire DVD with its three workouts, but my legs started to hurt during the Deep Side Step Squats.  I mean really hurt.  In order to do the thirty-eight walking lunges, I had to limit myself to the Cardio 360 workout or risk some kind of injury.

Not wanting to wimp out any further, I used the 8lb dumbbells where required and was pleasantly surprised to lift them quite well.  Not so well that I’m looking to graduate to a heavier pair, but it was closer to easy than the last time.  I threw in a few extra stretches after the workout to make sure that I was ready for the lunges.  Even then, I didn’t rush them and concentrated on maintaining proper form.  We’re often so wrapped up in completing our reps that we forget to be mindful of our posture and/or foot placement.  That’s usually the root cause of injury, as opposed to missing one or two reps.  It’s actually kind of funny that I did miss one of the walking lunges and had to do number thirty-eight before going to sleep.  Yep, I’m that banal, but Jesus is working on me; and I’m getting better every day.

Holly Perkins Facebook Update15-Nov-2012

Holly keeps us motivated via social media.

Saturday went according to plan.  Thank the Lord and knock on a 2×4!  The weather was glorious and I was ready for the road.  Although the sun was out, there was wind and the atmosphere was actually quite cool.  I’m glad for the wind because it’s a condition I’ll need to get used to for the Daytona 5k in January.  Just like the last road run, I didn’t start with a five minute warm-up walk but relied on my stretching to get ready.  It felt really good to make that first lap.  I ran the whole thing and didn’t feel fatigued at all.  About half-way into the second lap, I decided to walk a little then took back up with a run.  I walked a bit more for the third lap but then really cut loose for the last run interval that ended at 2.5 miles.  Afterwards, I just went for a walk with no particular distance in mind.  It was just a pleasant brisk-walk home that just happened to end at about 3.11 miles.  That’s right, kids.  I did a 5k in about 42 minutes without really trying.

Refuse to Settle

My pace was much better than during the race and I felt quite good.  The walking lunges have definitely made a difference.  However it was extremely difficult to do the daily dose of thirty-nine lunges although I stretched before and took my time.  My legs were s-o-r-e and I dragged myself to complete the Exercise TV Sports Cool Down video because it was the only way to loosen up those muscles.  Afterwards, I was laid out on my exercise mat and just plain done.  Talk about earning a shower which was considerably safer than a soak in the tub because I was more than ready for a nap, and didn’t really care where.  That night I was extremely tired and looked like I hadn’t slept in a couple days, which couldn’t be further from the truth.  My sister reminded me that I’d gone non-stop without any proper rest days since last month and urged me to skip all exercise on Sunday.  To which I replied, “But that’s my forty lunges!”  However, she made me promise to skip it…and I did.  So Sunday was a rest day which makes me look forward to Monday and a flashback workout.  You’ll see, or rather read all about it.  No retreat, no surrender and no excuses!  These were My Fitness Revolution Days: 384 to 387.

Run Stats for 17-Nov-2012

Run Stats for 17-Nov-2012